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FAQs- Utilities

How do I turn on utilities?

The Tenant(s) is responsible for placing all utilities in their name and pay all utility bills due for services to the premises for which the Tenant is responsible (unless otherwise agreed to in the lease).

If you are a JMU student, we recommend contacting JMU’s Utility Deposit Assistance Program PRIOR to contacting utility companies.

Most utility providers will only put an account in one person’s name. Please work this out with your roommates.

UDAP is a JMU sponsored program in partnership with utility companies to allow students utility connection WITHOUT paying the varying deposit amounts of $350 for water/sewer, $200 for gas, or up to $600 for electric. This can only be purchased between April and July of your move in year. Only one tenant per unit needs to purchase the contract.

With the purchase of a UDAP contract, deposit fees for connecting water, gas, and electricity are reduced/eliminated. The amount limits are as follows:

    • Gas: Up to $500
    • Electric: Up to $350 with Harrisonburg Electric Commission; Up to $600 with Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative
    • Water: Up to $350

To be eligible to purchase a UDAP contract:

  1. You must be enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking, currently active JMU student.
  2. You must have no financial holds on your JMU account.
  3. You must be a student living off campus.
  4. You must have a JMU Email.

UDAP (Utility Deposit Assistance Program) contracts expire each year on July 31, 20XX.  Upon expiration, UTILITIES WILL BE DISCONNECTED. You must renew your contract each year prior to this date in order to avoid a lapse in your utilities. UDAP expiring on July 31 does not result in your account being closed and you should renew rather than opening another account. However, you will be subject to an interruption of services if you do not renew on time.

Steps to take to renew:

  1. Contact JMU to renew your UDAP contract or to verify qualification; you may renew online at
  2. Once renewed, call or email the utilities companies with your new UDAP contract number and address.
  3. If you are a senior and/or no longer qualify for a UDAP contract with JMU and require utility services after July 31, 20XX please contact the appropriate departments to place a deposit to continue services.

UDAP has no authority to connect or disconnect your utilities. When you move out, be sure to call your utility companies and disconnect services in your name.

For questions or concerns please contact the Utilities Deposit Assistance Program:

The Union (Taylor Hall)

MSC 4214

285 Warren Service Drive

Room 205 H-L

Harrisonburg, Virginia 22807

(540) 568-6071

Per your lease, you are required to have your utilities on from the lease start date through the lease end date. Even if you move out early, you may not turn off your utilities prior to this lease end date. Doing so could cause appliance failures. If this is the case, you could be responsible for the replacement of those appliances. You may also be subjected to the reconnection of the utilities and a $50 per person utility reconnection fee.

If you are passing your unit down, communicate with the incoming tenants to make sure there is no disruption of service to the unit.

You should never turn your heat off completely in the winter, especially when you are away. Turning your heat off can cause your pipes to freeze and, in the end, will not save you money. You are responsible for maintaining an appropriate temperature in your apartment and frozen pipes could cost you thousands of dollars in damage.

You can save money by turning your heat down to no lower than 55 degrees, closing your blinds, and opening your cabinet doors around your bathroom and kitchen plumbing.

Please note that utility providers will vary between properties. Contact your Property Manager to confirm your provider.


Harrisonburg Electric Commission
Telephone: (540) 434-5361

Dominion Power
Telephone: (866) 366-4357

Shenandoah Valley Electric Cooperative
Telephone: (540) 434-2200


Harrisonburg Water & Sewer
Telephone: (540) 434-9959

Rockingham Co. Public Works
Telephone: (540) 564-3020

Staunton Public Works
Telephone: (540) 332-3892

Utility Billing Service
Telephone: (800) 366-0206


Columbia Gas
Telephone: (800) 543-8911


Telephone: (888) 266-2278
Telephone: (855) 638-2855

Glo Fiber

Telephone: (877) 492-6845

Telephone: (800) 483-4000


Harrisonburg Recycling Dept.
Telephone: (540) 434-5928


CL Cluster
Telephone: (540) 434-8888

Rockingham Petroleum
Telephone: (540) 434-4321

Quarles Petroleum Inc
Telephone: (540) 434-3434


First Choice Towing
Address: 20 W Washington St. | Harrisonburg, Va 22802
Telephone: (540) 478-4869