Our Team

The Matchbox Realty and Concentric Services team is here to serve. With over 30 employees specializing in a wide array of skills, we offer top-notch service with a smile.

Barry Kelley

Chief Executive Officer

Brian Cowger

Chief Operations Officer

Mary Messerley

President of Residential Services

Andrew Forward

Director of Commercial

Cara Fravel

Director of Human Resources

Tammy Glover

Accounting Assistant

Tory Compton

Residential Operations Manager

Makenna Teter

Residential Portfolio Manager

Erica Evans

Residential Portfolio Manager

Grace Royal

Residential Tenant Liaison

Taylor Andrews

Residential Tenant Liaison

Michael D’Alessio

Residential Assistant

Ainsley Dunnavant

Residential Assistant

Nick Fornadel

Commercial Portfolio Manager

Bella Rubio

Administrative Assistant

Mackenzie Heglar

Data Entry Coordinator

Matchbox is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks.