Meet The Team

The Matchbox team is here to serve. With over 30 employees specializing in a wide array of skills, Matchbox Realty offers top-notch service with a smile.

Steve Tomasi

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Cowger

Chief Technology Officer

Mary Messerley

President of Residential Services

Michael Jaffee

Vice President of Acquisitions, Sales & Commercial Management

Andrea Konstant

Vice President of Association Management

Dave Keck

Vice President of Maintenance

Andrew Forward

Director of Acquisitions & Development

Cara Fravel

Director of Human Resources

Phil Saunders

Director of Multimedia & Marketing

Tasha Browne

Accounting Manager

Emily Diehl

Associations Manager

Nick Fornadel

Portfolio Manager

Andrea Bower

Residential Portfolio Manager

Sarah Price

Residential Portfolio Manager

John Siciliano

Residential Portfolio Manager

Katie Swette

Residential Portfolio Manager

Kate Wright

Residential Portfolio Manager

Erica Evans

Assistant Residential Portfolio Manager

Shania Dean

Assistant Residential Portfolio Manager

Susie Botkin

Residential Assistant

Kathleen McCluskey

Leasing & Payables Accountant

Caroline Fuhrman

Sales Transaction & Commercial Portfolio Manager

Katherine Brooks

Main Office Front Desk

Candace Jenkins

Construction & Maintenance Accountant

Michael Kelley

Construction Supervisor

Stephen Langford

Inventory Control Specialist

Shane Showalter

Facilities Manager Assistant

Matchbox is lovingly built and maintained by these fine folks.