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FAQs- Maintenance & Work Orders

How do I submit routine maintenance requests?

All routine maintenance requests must be submitted online through your Tenant Access account. Click here to submit a request.

Please be very specific in your description of the issue.  For instance: which bathroom? kitchen faucet or bathroom faucet? which bedroom window? See below on what to specify for a work order?

Please, also, note on the work order if there is one or more animal(s) in your home. If you have an animal and any special instructions are needed for maintenance to perform their duties, please include those instructions in the work order description. Maintenance will not enter your home if there is an animal that is not crated or placed in a room not being worked in. Failure on the residents part to note the existence of an animal on the maintenance request, or, the animal not being properly contained, will result in a trip charge of at least $46 to the tenants account.

When submitting a work order, try to remember that you may not be home or available. Sending a work order with a bathroom or bedroom issue seems straightforward when you know what is going on. However, Maintenance Technicians will waste a great deal of time trying to locate the problem when it is not clearly described. For instance, does toilet issue refer to a leak, clog, running toilet, etc?

Try to be as specific as possible, especially if the issue is in a specific bedroom or bathroom. If you know your bedroom number from when you signed the lease and picked up your keys, use it. If not, try to note the location clearly- i.e. second door off the kitchen hallway when entering the apartment. Below are some examples of bed and bathroom layout and numbers.

  • Ex. 1. Which bathroom at Charleston Townes?

There are 5 bathrooms in a typical Charleston Townes apartment. Which Bathroom is the issue located? The hall bath is located on the middle floor off of the Living Room/Kitchen. Bedroom 1 is in the front (parking lot side) on the 1st floor. Bedroom 2 is also on the 1st floor but faces the rear. Bedrooms 3 & 4 are on the upper floor. Bedroom 3 is in the front and Bedroom 4 is in the rear.

  • Ex. 2. Which bathroom at Devon/Glenside?

There are 4 bathrooms in a typical Devon Lane townhouse. Which Bathroom is the issue located? The half bath is located on the bottom floor off of the Dining Room/Kitchen. Bedroom 1 is off of the Living Room on the middle floor. Bedroom 2 is also on the top floor and faces Devon Lane. Bedroom 3 is on the upper floor and faces the rear parking lot.

  • Ex. 3. Which bathroom at the Urban Exchange?

 There are 2 bathrooms in some apartments. The master bathroom (en suite) is attached to the master bedroom and the hall (common) bathroom is near the Kitchen / Utility Room.

  • Ex. 4. Which Bedroom at Mountain View?

There are 4 bedrooms in a typical Mtn. View Apartment. Bedroom 1 is off of the Living Room Bedroom 2 is beside BR 1 and halfway down the hall. Bedroom 3 is at the end of the hall, same side as BR 2. Bedroom 4 is on the opposite side of the hall as the other 3 bedrooms and backs up to the Laundry/Kitchen.

If you have questions about what to include in your work order, reach out to our main office or your Property Manager.

No, you do not have to be present when work is being performed.

By submitting your work-order, you have given maintenance permission to access your home to perform the work requested.  If you prefer to be present, please indicate that on your work order and give us a good way to contact you. Please know that our technicians will always knock before making entry and will always announce themselves before proceeding through the door.

There are many factors that go into each request and we cannot set a firm schedule. However, we typically begin the process the same day we receive the request. We then assess the situation and determine the proper course of action. Our goal is typically no more than a 5 business day completion. Some situations are beyond our control, such as parts and appliance availability. Requests for HVAC and appliances typically take longer.

Please contact our office immediately so we may investigate the issue. You may be required to submit another work order request through Tenant Access.

Please be aware that you will be charged for any repairs that must be done due to tenant abuse or requests that are the responsibility of the tenants. Check to make sure your request is associated with the correct address. If you moved from one address to another within Matchbox Realty, placing a maintenance request for a PREVIOUS address, even inadvertently, will result in charge to your tenant account. Charges start at $46.00 per hour.

If your emergency is life threatening or could have serious consequences, DIAL 911. For after-hour emergencies, please call our 24-hour Emergency Line at 540.434.5150 then dial 7.

The number one reason a water bill is very high is due to a toilet running frequently or constantly. A toilet can consume 25,000 gallons or more a month. If you can identify the problem, such as a toilet or leaking sink, we will have it repaired for you.  If you are still unsure where the excessive water bill is coming from, please turn in a work order so that it can be investigated.

For information on water usage, see the following infographic.

For how energy gets used and wasted, see the following infographic.

You must first receive written authorization from your Property Manager to paint any part of the property. Unless agreed to in writing, the property must be painted back to the original color by Tenant prior to vacating the property. Not doing so will result in charges against your Security Deposit.

You may not change the locks in your home without approval from your Property Manager. Should you desire to change locks during your tenancy, submit a Maintenance Request via the online Tenant Portal. New keys will be provided to you and our office within 24 hours of the work being done. The cost of changing the locks will be charged to the Tenant(s).

If it is found during an inspection that you have changed the locks without permission, the locks will be changed back to the original locks and charged back to the Tenant(s).