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Changing Lease Terms

What do I do if I need to change the terms of the lease?

A lease is a legally binding agreement and cannot be changed without the consent of all parties. Should you breach the lease by leaving early, typically, you will be responsible for the Early Termination Fee and rental payments until the end of your lease, or until the property is re-leased. If you need to change the terms of your lease contact our office to discuss your particular situation.

No. We do not allow our residents to sublease their apartment or room. Allowing a resident to sublease their apartment/room meant that someone was “borrowing” their space, but the Tenant(s) were still legally responsible for the rent and condition of the apartment/room at the end of the lease. This transaction did not always end well for our residents.  

We have an option called an Early Lease Termination.  An Early Lease Termination does not mean you can simply walk away from your Lease. There is work involved. You must help find someone to take over your lease and you have to fulfill your lease obligations until this process is officially completed. Many times we have people waiting for apartments so we can help.  However, the burden of finding someone will ultimately be on you. There is an Early Termination Fee equal to one month’s rent that you pay to Matchbox before we can show your apartment, talk to anyone about it, or post it on our website.

Yes. You are responsible for rent until someone else takes over your lease.  It is to your advantage to communicate with your Property Manager as early as you can so they can help you in any way possible.  They may have suggestions on how to find someone to take over your lease.

Yes.  You will need to clean the apartment to “like new” condition.  Your deposit depends upon the new Tenant(s) moving in and not finding anything wrong with it.  They will be moving in on the same day you move out so it behooves you to take a little extra time for TLC on the presentation of your home for the incoming Tenant(s).