Matchbox Rewards: November 2023

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Aristocat Cafe: Where Cats and Community Converge

November has arrived, and with it comes another exciting opportunity to revel in the perks of the Matchbox Realty Rewards program. This month, we’re pleased to shine a spotlight on a gem of Harrisonburg, the Aristocat Cafe. As our featured business for November, Aristocat Cafe is extending a paw-some offer to Matchbox residents – a complimentary tea or coffee, served alongside our adorable feline friends. Yes, you heard that right! What sets this place apart is not just its delightful beverages but also its unique feline inhabitants. This cafe boasts an enclosed area where a group of playful cats lounge and frolic, creating a charming atmosphere like no other.

amanda atwell aristocat cafe harrisonburg
Amanda Atwell is the owner of Aristocat Cafe in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Revitalizing Downtown Harrisonburg, One Cup at a Time

Amanda Atwell, the visionary behind Aristocat Cafe, recognized the potential in this pleasant establishment specifically being the perfect addition to downtown Harrisonburg, and it’s no surprise that Matchbox Realty, an integral part of the area’s revitalization, shared in her vision. It is primarily a tea room, although this cafe is more than just a place to grab some steeped sensation, or a coffee. It’s a testament to the vibrancy of Harrisonburg’s community spirit. Aristocat Cafe serves as a living room for the neighborhood, offering a cozy escape where you can savor your drink amidst the company of adorable and adoptable feline friends. This place proves that small businesses can have a big impact in shaping our local communities.

aristocat cafe downtown harrisonburg va
Aristocat Cafe in downtown Harrisonburg, Virginia

Crafting the Perfect Brew with Local Flair

Aristocat Cafe takes pride in offering a diverse selection of coffee and tea options that cater to both enthusiasts and novices. Their delicious coffee blend hails from Merge Coffee Company, a local company known for its commitment to quality and sustainability. When it comes to tea, Aristocat Cafe stands out with its dedication to single origin varieties, unless they’ve crafted a special blend. Single origin means that the tea leaves or coffee beans come from one specific geographic region, allowing you to truly taste the unique flavors that region has to offer. This is a far cry from the highly processed, “tiny pieces” tea you might find on supermarket shelves, which often result from the CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) method, designed for mass production. Aristocat Cafe sources their teas from various importers to ensure a product that is fresh, minimally processed, and full of character. Quality and uniqueness are their top priorities.

Tea from Aristocat Cafe

Community Engagement Beyond a Cup

Aristocat Cafe’s commitment to community doesn’t stop at beverages; it extends to their furry friends and beyond. They serve as a foster for cats from the Humane Society of Shenandoah County, making a significant impact on the lives of these animals. They’ve also opened their doors to provide a Safe Space for the community and partnered with Sage Bird, supplying tea for some of their delightful beverages. In the store, you’ll find the work of local artisans, further showcasing their dedication to supporting the local community. Just a short distance from other Matchbox Realty properties such as Kavanaugh Flats & Lofts, The Walton above The Golden Pony, Keezell Flats apartments, this cat cafe is proud to be a part of the downtown thriving area. Aristocat Cafe embodies the spirit of togetherness, making it more than just a cafe – it’s a hub of warmth, quality, and care that truly has its place in the heart of Harrisonburg.

This November, don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Aristocat Cafe and enjoy a complimentary tea or coffee through the Matchbox Realty Rewards program. Whether you’re a tea connoisseur, a coffee lover, or just looking to spend quality time with adorable cats, Aristocat Cafe is a must-visit destination that encapsulates the true essence of community, warmth, quality, and cats! Meow!

cat cafe harrisonburg virginia

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