Matchbox Rewards: June 2023

In the vibrant city of Harrisonburg, Virginia, a delicious promotion is sizzling up the local pizza scene. Benny Sorrentino’s Pizza, a beloved eatery renowned for its larger than life mouthwatering slices, has teamed up with Matchbox Realty to offer an irresistible deal exclusively for Matchbox residents. For a limited time, residents can enjoy a tantalizing offer: a free canned soda with the purchase of a delectable $4 slice of cheese pizza.

Benny Sorrentino’s Pizza has become an icon in Harrisonburg, known for its late night open hours and commitment to quality. With their generous promotion for the entirety of the month of June, they aim to not only satisfy cravings but also build a strong sense of community within the city. By partnering with Matchbox Realty, they are extending their hospitality to the residents who call Matchbox Realty properties home.

Benny Sorrentino’s in Harrisonburg, Virginia

Matchbox Realty, a trusted name in the local housing market, plays a crucial role in connecting people and property throughout Harrisonburg. Their dedication to finding the perfect home for each individual has earned them a reputation for excellence. By collaborating with Benny Sorrentino’s Pizza, Matchbox demonstrates a commitment to enhancing the living experience of our residents beyond just finding them a place to live.

The promotion at Benny Sorrentino’s Pizza serves as a testament to the strong relationship between us and the Harrisonburg community. It not only rewards Matchbox Realty residents with a delightful treat, but also highlights a commitment fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

The combination of a mouthwatering slice of cheese pizza and a refreshing soda is a match made in heaven, tantalizing the taste buds of pizza enthusiasts across Harrisonburg. Whether it’s a quick bite during a lunch break, a casual dinner with friends, or a late-night craving, Benny Sorrentino’s Pizza is the go-to destination for pizza lovers. With this promotion, Matchbox Realty residents have an exclusive opportunity to indulge in this culinary delight while enjoying the comfort of their own city. The partnership between Benny Sorrentino’s Pizza and Matchbox Realty underscores the importance of local businesses and the positive impact they can have on the community.

So, if you’re a Matchbox Realty resident in Harrisonburg, Virginia, don’t miss out on this delectable offer. Head over to Benny Sorrentino’s Pizza, savor the flavors of their famous $4 slice of cheese pizza, and quench your thirst with a free soda.